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Vegas wedding can be fun for everyone – and fun is the Las Vegas theme. Often an ordinary item can be a Las Vegas wedding venue with a bit of creativity and a proper presentation.
Vegas weddings can be tacky or elegant, but you do not have to break the bank looking for Las Vegas wedding help. There are places out there that sell items tailored to weddings in Vegas, some are expensive, but with a little creativity you can find the perfect wedding favors from many places.

How about giving a casino token as a Las Vegas wedding gift? They can be wrapped in gift boxes or bags, you can even buy a small bag with a dollar sign from the party shop. You can buy tokens at any casino you like and if you stay in a hotel that has an attached casino is much better. You do not need to spend a lot of money to get a token, just buy some tokens for a nickel slot. Or you can buy one token per guest and attach a small label that says “Take a chance on love” or something. This is something that is quite cheap, but also something that your guests can enjoy, be sure to mention if they win big in the slot, they have to share their jackpots with you!

If giving token actually seems too expensive, you can give chocolate poker chips or chocolate. Everyone loves candy, is not it? It’s also cheap why it’s making a good wedding favors, and with coins or poker chips, it’s easy to customize your Vegas theme. There are many generic wedding suppliers who can personalize any type of candy you want, with whatever text you want. You can have it personalized with your name or location, and more. Depending on the presentation, they can either be a class (nice gift box) or with a tacky happy (small shop bag with dollar sign on it). Also at the cheap end, is actually a poker chip. You can get them personalized very cheaply in almost any place that sells poker supplies, and they can put whatever you want on it. You can even have a pair of dice gift boxes with tag “take on love on love” on it. Maybe even some fuzzy dice or dice keychains. Hey, I know this is tacky but you’re in Vegas right? And what Las Vegas is if it is not a tacky neon adult playground. Have fun with your guests.

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